To help you feel stronger, make weight more easily, and ensure you never lose a fight because of conditioning.

Inspiration struck when Dr. Frank Benedetto realized that most Combat Sports Athletes were not adequately supporting their skill training the same way the athletes of other sports were. He believed that exponential gains could be made from amateur to top tier Combat Sports Athletes with a data driven strength and conditioning program, and began creating what is now called the CounterStrike method.

For three years, he refined his approach while helping several UFC’s fighters prepare for and recover from fights. He wondered if there was a way to offer this same coaching to aspiring amateur and pro athletes around the world.

“We utilize the latest science and technology to unlock the highest level of performance in Combat Athletes.”

Dr. Benedetto began testing a remote training platform. One that could replace an entire team of professionals: a Strength Coach, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and a Nutrition Coach. His goal was to give Combat Athletes of all levels access to the latest science and utilize cutting edge technology to deliver truly personalized programming. He has made it his mission to help you stay on the mat and reach your peak level of performance.

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