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Dr. Benedetto is the most credentialed performance coach in Combat Sports. He is a Double Board certified Doctor of Physical Therapy (OCS, SCS). Less than 1% of DPTs can boast this distinction. Additionally, Dr. Benedetto possesses the highest level of Strength Coaching credentials, the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), which requires a 4 year degree and is the gold standard choice for professional sports teams when hiring Strength and Conditioning Coaches. ‚Äč
Rounding out his skillset, Dr. Benedetto is also a certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition (Pn1). The combination of these credentials, along with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, allows him to provide his clients and athletes with unrivaled thoroughness in approach. His specialization in Combat Sports has earned him the trust of UFC and Bellator fighters, members of Team USA wrestling, and countless amateur and recreational combat sports athletes.

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Aja Campbell is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has years of experience working with elite level combat athletes. Possessing the highest level strength coaching credential combined with a true passion and love for the sport helps her elevate her clients performance to the next level – achieving immeasurable goals both physically and mentally.

Aja has spent her career learning from and teaching alongside some of the most well-respected doctors and coaches in the fields of Strength and Conditioning as it relates to Combat Sports. She’s worked with numerous pro and amateur MMA athletes – most notably being UFC Featherweight Julio Arce and rising MMA star and Olympic prospect, Sophia Mirabella.

Drawing from her own sport of Olympic Weightlifting, Aja brings a scientific and nuanced approach to teaching combat athletes how strength, stability, and power play a pivotal role in their training. Aja is dedicated to helping fighters become the strongest, healthiest, best version of themselves, avoid injury, and optimize performance through a thoughtfully designed and executed program.

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